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SISTER DIES — Sister Jean Leier (Sister St.-Jean-Dominique) of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary passed away Oct. 29 at the Provincial House Infirmary in Prince Albert. Born March 30, 1939, in Mildred, Sask., Leier spent the early years of her life with her family on the farm. The experience gained in dealing with farm machinery and vehicles served her well in later years. In 1960 she joined the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. The following years were filled with a variety of challenging responsibilities: a teacher at the APM Academy in Prince Albert, in The Pas and Laurier, Man., then principal at St. Mark School in Prince Albert. Afterward, she served as local treasurer, driver education instructor at Rivier Academy, manager of Marion Aquatics, and department head of maintenance. She was often called upon as a troubleshooter when anything broke down and she always found a solution. During her short stay in the infirmary, she exhibited graciousness and gratitude. She will be remembered for her compassion, for her loyalty to the community and her desire to run an efficient and enjoyable complex at Marion Aquatics.


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