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Catholic Connections

By Marie Graw


Light of Christ school division embraces new logo

Light of Christ Catholic School Division takes on a new logo this year. Director Cory Rideout is pleased with the response the new logo has had to date. The logo, he said, came about from a discussion regarding web-presence and relevance. It was determined that a simpler, symbolic presence was needed. Six designs were considered and the one chosen was first choice in several focus groups. With approval from Bishop Albert Thevenot, the new logo launched.

Rideout stated that the logo, while simple, holds a trinity of meanings for the division. The first of these is the logo’s representation of the theme the division has had for years: Pray, Educate, Serve. The cross represents Pray, the open book represents Educate and the encompassing circle represents Serve.

The logo also represents what Rideout referred to as “One of our mantras as Catholic educators”: relationships, rigour and relevance. He explained that, without a doubt, research into working with students has revealed that relationship is important: relationships with students, families and communities. Building relationships has been a key focus for staff with the revisiting of the document Build Bethlehem Everywhere for the last two years through Faith Development days.

“Our relationships are embedded in our faith and the cross in our logo reflects that.” Rigour is reflected in the open book of the logo. Rigour is different for everyone, Rideout explained, and it is imperative that Catholic educators determine the right amount of rigour for each student to be challenged, and to be successful.

The circle in the logo represents relevance. “We can’t teach the same way they did when I was in school,” Rideout stated. “Our education, our faith and our rigour have to be relevant today, to our students and our communities. Relevance is one of the reasons we a new logo was designed.”

Of course the final symbolic meaning of the new logo is the representation of the Trinity. The cross symbolizes God the Father, the open book, God the Son, who was a teacher and the encompassing circle symbolizes the God the Holy Spirit.

Another change that is occurring is the dropping of the word “division” from the new logo. Rideout said that while the official name will not change, the logo will simply be Light of Christ Catholic Schools. “We want to provide a Catholic education to anyone who wants it. Division has a negative connotation, but we want to bring people together. It is purposeful; we want to focus on the community of our Catholic schools.”

The official roll-out of the new logo was at the fall Faith Development day. All staff were given merchandise to promote the new logo. While the reception to the new logo has been positive, Rideout emphasized that the old logo would be retired with the respect and honour it deserved.

Designed by former educator and artist, the late Julian Sadlowski, the logo represented the division for more than 30 years, through name changes and amalgamations. “We want to be sure the transition is done well, and that all parties involved are comfortable with the change” said Rideout, “and we plan to create a space in our office where its legacy will be honoured.”

Graw is religious education learning co-ordinator with Light of Christ of Christ Catholic Schools in North Battleford, Sask.