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Truth to Power, Fr Andrew Britz

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Fr Andrew Britz - Rule of Faith

Bush Dweller James Gray OSB

Vol. 92 No. 31 January 28, 2015

January thaw

Prolonged January thaw.

This Week

Rev. Richard McBrien dies

Rev. Richard McBrien, prolific theologian and essayist, dies at 78

Selma film

Fifty years after Rev. Martin Luther King led a historic 1965 civil rights march in Alabama, America’s racial divides have been headline news in recent months, writes Gerald Schmitz. Selma is an ambitious film that highlights that march and the lead actor effectively portrays King’s human side.

God's vision

No religion is absolute, writes Ron Rolheiser, OMI. 'Only God is absolute. Knowing that should make us less smug in the practice of our own religion, more respectful of other denominations and religions, and more willing to let God’s vision trump our own.'

Christian unity

In the 50 years since the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio, observers see hopeful signs for ecumenism and interfaith dialogue under Pope Francis.


In Exile

By Ron Rolheiser, OMI

Looking for the one God inside our denominational and faith divisions

Liturgy and Life

Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommers

By Tom Saretsky

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 8, 2015

Both Lungs

Brent Kostyniuk

By Brent Kostyniuk

Biritual faculties


Arts and Culture