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Schools celebrate consecrated life

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Two Jesuit priests and a Franciscan brother surrounded by about two dozen sisters from various religious communities gathered Feb. 2 at the invitation of the Regina Roman Catholic School Division to celebrate consecrated life.

The school division began the practice in 2010 of inviting those living a consecrated life to a special catered luncheon to thank them for their lifelong contribution of serving God and the communities in which they live. The first few luncheons celebrated those who taught in the Catholic education system but in later years the invitation was sent to all congregations.

Rev. John Meehan, SJ, president of Campion College at the University of Regina, offered a prayer to begin the lunch, noting that Feb. 2, 40 days after Christmas, is Candlemas, a celebration of light, and the tables were all decorated with candles.

Board chair Rob Bresciani appreciated the work many continue to do. “I know you love what you do and the difference you make in the lives of others and in the lives of some of the trustees,” he said.

Director of Education Rob Currie noted he was taught by a member of a religious congregation while in kindergarten in the basement of Holy Rosary Cathedral, which is on the other side of the school division’s parking lot.

“It is important for us to meet with our faith community. It is reaffirming for us. We have to honour our past and prepare for our future.” Sharing, said Currie, is being a witness to our faith, and he thanked those present for their contributions “to our children and grandchildren.”

School division co-ordinator for Religious Education Miles Meyers thanked everyone for coming to the luncheon. “You’ve renewed our spirits. I know you are humble people but you deserve the recognition.”

The luncheon was followed with a special prayer for World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life, in which all took part.

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