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Photo by Eva Krawchuk 

It’s cold . . .
By Eva Krawchuk

“The Earth laughs in flowers,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. The heart smiles in friendships would be my addition to this beautiful thought. While tending my houseplants recently, it occurred to me that before my eyes was a true friendship garden. I received some of them as small, delicate slips, others established and healthily growing. Overlooking a snow-covered yard, bravely facing the west window, they seem to say, “Remember.”

A miniature purple violet from Evie who gardens no longer, Ruth’s steadily blossoming specimen, the name she didn’t know. A burrow’s tail cactus Brian gave me growing in an earth-tone planter he made in his pottery producing days. Bright red ivy geranium from Jeanne, regular geraniums from Stella and Susan, Alma’s cactus plants. A struggling little vine from 90-year-old Frankie who lives just down the road.

Indeed, the earth laughs in flowers. The heart smiles in friendships.