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Peace award presented to Kurtenbach

By Miriam Spenrath, OSU


SASKATOON — An award for a Letter to the Editor of the Prairie Messenger focusing on peace was established in 2014 by a group honouring Leo Kurtenbach on his 95th birthday.

Kurtenbach is a non-stoppable reader, researcher, debater and advocate for just and peaceful solutions to world problems.

The award, which consists of a hand-crafted pen, the significance of which continues to draw attention as a potential tool for peace, will be awarded annually in this five-year plan to encourage focus beyond the clouds of fear, threat and violence.

For the second year the Peace Pen has been presented to Leo Kurtenbach by Michael Murphy, himself a vocal advocate for peace, co-chair of the Saskatoon Peace Coalition and past Saskatchewan animator of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace.

Kurtenbach said he was “overwhelmed to receive the 2014 award” and then continued, “I still have hope for a peaceful world. Surely the struggles of Jesus, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi and many other peace-loving people have not been in vain. We carry on!”

The award winner has always insisted there are many serious thinkers who need to share their opinions and good judgment with others. This is, therefore, an invitation to PM readers and others to share their insights and wisdom with the readership.

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