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Too many shades of grey leads to downfall of society

The Editor: There are no "shades of grey" only white and black, according to the Good Book, which says: "You are with me or against me" and "if you become lukewarm, I will vomit you out."

Since when does the “right” of free speech give us the right to insult our “brother”? We are to love one another "as I have loved you and given myself up for you." As long as we persist in insulting others, there will be those who — perhaps having taken Muhammad's words out of context — will believe they are following God's law by eliminating (killing) the infidel
(which includes a lot of us).

Until we learn to love our families, which include our children especially in their growing years, we will have too many disillusioned youth who will be attracted to groups like ISIS and other hate groups.

Can we say that we love God, whom we do not see, if we don't love our neighbour whom we see? With the help of our mass communications, our neighbour includes everyone in the world with whom we communicate in any way.

Sex within marriage is a beautiful expression of love, but modem generations that condone extramarital and teenage sex (the mechanics of which are taught in too many of our schools) are the scourge of present-day life. The additional plague of pornography brings modem-day society to a level below that of many generations who built our culture and worked to provide for us "the good life."

Too many "shades of grey'' will only lead to a "black future." — Margaret Angelstad, Humboldt, Sask.