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Letters to the Editor


Being gay or transgender is like being left-handed

The Editor: I and some KCs were doing coffee after mass. I asked if anyone was left-handed. What was it like? Ted said he was a lefty. His parents and the school wouldn’t let him be a lefty. He had speech problems because of that. A carpenter wouldn’t let him swing a hammer left-handed.

I said, “Being gay must be like that too. You would be different. Parents and teachers try to change you.” A couple of the men agreed. The talk turned to moose hunting.

Different is hard to be sometimes. We were seven air force brats, crossing Canada in abrupt moves from Vancouver to Dartmouth, N.S. Schools treated us like a burden. The oldest boy quit school early, the oldest girl came home in tears. I fought a lot.

There have always been gays and transexuals. They are a consistent percentage of every population. Mostly, but not everywhere and always, they have been subject to exclusion, ridicule, exploitation or even death. We Catholics have a bad reputation for our crimes against them.

Why did God make some people gay or transgender? Evolution theories say that nature preserves traits that are valuable to the species. There have been an awful lot of really creative gays, but statistics can’t track some things.

Can gays and transexuals rear children without moulding them into models of themselves? Gays and transgenders, more than anyone, know that sexuality is an inside thing. If you try to change it, you wound and twist the wonderful reality that is the true person. You have to let the egg of sexuality crack open in its own time, its own way.

If you have a gay or transgender kid, just let it be. Experience the awe and wonder of God’s choice. Help your youngster to handle the bumps. Some will have to challenge bishops and clergy who never read or ponder reality, or school principals who are always right. I learned very slowly too. Please forgive us slow learners. — Joe Labonte-Smith, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Cycle of violence and killings stretches into history

The Editor: Zounds and double zounds!

Is there no end to the trail of disorder, terror and mass murder emanating from Moscow for hundreds of years, culminating in the expulsion of one million Ukrainians from Eastern Ukraine in the last few days.

It all began when Genghis Khan murdered 17 million people in the western marches in the course of his regime; it continued with the expulsion of one-and-a-half million Armenians during the Second World War. It reached a high point with the starvation of between seven to 10 million Ukrainians, the murder of six million Jews and one-and-a-half million Gypsies, besides hundreds of thousands of Poles and Russians by Jozef Stalin.

The intention of Soviet Russia regarding the countries fringing it was seen early in the Second World War and is proved by the murder of 10,000 Polish army officers, all in the same manner, kneeling with a bullet in the back of the neck and their hands tied behind their backs.

In 1933 when the Ukrainians of Winnipeg heard about this most cruel method of wiping out people, they turned out 5,000 strong is a protest march. Thus was their compassion.

It should be noted that the Russian secret police has its roots with Genghis Khan. The whole of western Europe would have become Islamized if 40,000 Ukrainian Cossacks had not joined the armies of Europe at the Battle of Lepanto.

All this should be given the most serious consideration and evaluation by all people of goodwill. — Rev. Eugene Rudachek, archpriest, Winnipeg