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Sisters to be recognized


SASKATOON — A monument commemorating pioneering women who introduced education and health care in Saskatchewan will be unveiled on Oct. 1 in Regina’s Wascana Centre close to the Saskatchewan’s legislative grounds. The installation will feature two Catholic sisters representing religious orders that established local hospitals and classrooms across Saskatchewan before the province created funding and delivery models for these vital public services.

“The installation will commemorate the courage and commitment of religious women across Saskatchewan who established needed health services and education to their local communities,” explained project leader, Sandra Kary. “These sisters laid the foundation for modern-day education and health care delivery in Saskatchewan, and their legacy is worthy of this recognition.”

The monument features two Catholic sisters cast in bronze, one representing a teacher, the other a nurse. Saskatchewan Catholic Connections is the organization behind the project and Prince Albert sculptor Jack Jensen has been commissioned to create the work. The project has been made possible thanks to the support of private donors, dioceses, men’s religious communities and leading Catholic organizations across Saskatchewan.

“Some 5,500 Catholic sisters have served and continue to serve in the province, totalling over 85,000 sister-years of ministry,” noted Paula Scott, chair of the committee overseeing the project. “The monument will be a lasting tribute to their legacy and their selfless service to the people of Saskatchewan.”

A celebratory mass, unveiling and blessing of the monument is planned for Oct. 1. Provincial political leaders, the Catholic bishops of Saskatchewan and officials from Catholic health and education are expected to attend, including Catholic sisters from Saskatchewan and across Canada, representing 59 religious orders

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