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CHARISMATIC CONFERENCE — On March 7, approximately 120 people attended the annual Diocesan Charismatic Conference held at St. Michael Parish in Prince Albert. Adoration, reconciliation, eucharist, prayer and four dynamic speakers touched the hearts of those who attended. Rev. Jim Kaptein from Our Lady of the Nativity Parish in Zenon Park vividly shared his testimony emphasizing the slow unrelenting pull of God. Rick Taylor, from Mayfair, gave guidance in recognizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Rev. Peter Nnanga, MSP, from the parishes of Holy Rosary in Onion Lake, St. James in Thunderchild and Our Lady of Sorrows in Paradise Hill, spoke energetically on “Joy is meant to be shared.” Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr., spoke on the importance of a deep living faith, not only from the head or heart, but stemming from our innermost being. Aiding in prayer and reflection, the Trudel family from Albertville provided music ministry. Presenters for the day were, from left: Rev. Peter Nnanga, MSP, Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr., Rev. Jim Kaptein and Rick Taylor.


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