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Knights of Columbus hold annual convention

By Pat Meuse


PRINCE ALBERT — The 93rd annual state council meeting of the Knights of Columbus of Saskatchewan held in Prince Albert April 17 - 19 was a call to return to the basics of the Columbian order; a call for knights to hold fast to the Catholic principles around which the order was founded 133 years ago. Under the theme The Family Fully Alive, state deputy Denis Carignan, the state executive, and the delegates and their families from around the province celebrated the past year’s successes and deliberated on how better to serve the church and the community.

The business meetings focused on informing all present on the important issues facing the church, the community and the order, with guest speakers instructing the delegates on the details they should be taking back to their home councils. Several resolutions addressing the internal workings of the order were discussed and the following resolutions addressing issues of the community and the councils were passed:

— that state councils in co-ordinated conjunction with supreme council commence an international lobbying campaign directed to: all elected politicians in Canada’s federal and provincial governments; members with supreme court justices; members with physicians’ associations; and to all forms of media, that we vigorously oppose legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide.

— that a co-ordinated lobby campaign creating a registered charitable foundation with donation proceeds underwrite costs incurred by Canadian and international lobbying efforts.

— that a media blitz include and be not limited to written editorials, paid advertising and personal letters, and directed to but not limited to all forms of video, printed matter and electronic media.

— that the Knights of Columbus Saskatchewan state council, petition our supreme council immediately and without hesitation, to promptly implement an international multi-denominational day of reflective prayer and adoration to Christ to strengthen the resolve of all Christian and/or religious denominations, to guide us in the effectuation barring this unethical law.

— that we consistently and ardently affirm our support and unwavering loyalty to our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and to our bishops and priests.

— that we unite behind the cause for the canonization of our founder, the Venerable Rev. Michael J. McGivney.

The election of the state council executive was held with the following results. State deputy will be Denis Carignan of Battleford, past state deputy will be Gilles Doiron of Moose Jaw, state secretary will be Brian Schatz of Regina, state treasurer will be Chris Bencharski of Meadow Lake, state advocate will be Joe Riffel of Saskatoon and state warden will be Larry Packet of Davidson. The order is honoured to have Bishop Albert Thévenot, M.Afr., Bishop of Prince Albert, as state chaplain.

From the opening mass celebrated by Rev. Greg Elder to the memorial mass celebrated by Thévenot, the 93rd annual convention of the Knights of Columbus of Saskatchewan was a great success, holding firm to the principles of the order: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.

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