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ISIS responding to corporate capitalism’s equally nasty war

The Editor: In response your article, “ISIS versus the West” (PM, March 4) I suggest Huntington’s theory of the “clash of civilizations” is more a self-fulfilling obfuscation than prescience.

Of course ISIS has roots in Islam — just like the Crusades and the persecution of Jews had roots in Christianity. That is not the whole story.

Our church leaders lament we are “secular.” However, “we” are not perceived that way — particularly in the Middle East.

The “Christian West” is home to most of the global corporations playing havoc with the self-determination of peoples worldwide. The financial and fossil fuel giants, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), are particularly nasty and they deal only in U.S. dollars.

Our leaders talk “democracy and freedom” but impose “free trade agreements” which are actually “investor protection agreements.” According to the Fraser Institute’s Michael Walker, the purpose of these agreements is to prevent governments from responding to the needs of their citizens. So much for democracy.

Then there was the American public policy think-tank Project for the New American Century that functioned from 1997 - 2007. It advocated maintaining America’s global economic “pre-eminence” through its military. Ten members of PNAC served in the George W. Bush White House.

It was this Bush presidency that invaded Iraq on the false pretense of their having weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Bush quoted Huntington as part of the “inevitability” of this invasion.

Apparently Iraq’s Hussein’s “sin” wasn’t he had WMD or was a dictator; but that he was moving to sell oil in a “basket of currencies” rather than the USD. This would undermine the USD.

Similarly Libya’s Gaddafi’s “sin” was the same, plus he was investing some of Libya’s oil money in an African Development Fund to rid Africa of the onerous terms imposed by the IMF which favours debt repayment over life and sustainability.

Once the Huntington obfuscation is removed, I suspect we will find ISIS/ISIL is one nasty response to corporate capitalism’s equally nasty, but less visible, war on Earth’s co-habitants. — Y. A. Zarowny, Qualicum Beach B.C.