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Dueck speaks at prayer breakfast

By Mariel Marciniak


SASKATOON — Television personality Lorna Dueck was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Saskatoon Prayer Breakfast, held April 18 at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon.

The executive director of Context TV, Dueck appears on Global and Vision TV, writes on faith and public life for the Globe and Mail, and is a former host of 100 Huntley Street.

Saskatchewan is a region with many exports, including “food, fuel, fertilizer, and faith,” said Dueck, during her inspirational talk to some 800 gathered for the annual prayer event. She challenged those attending by asking, “What is being exported through faith?”

She reflected on the recent Supreme Court ruling against prayer being part of municipal council meetings in Saguenenay, Quebec, describing the ruling as a blessing for “helping us think through why we bother to pray at all.”

The ruling appropriately determined that civic governance must remain on neutral ground spiritually, she said. Individuals will continue to pray as part of their commitment to their own faith — that’s what freedom of religion means, she added.

Dueck recently noted that events such as the Saskatoon Prayer Breakfast are examples of public gatherings where people “open the doors on their faith” inviting others to meet with them. “The Supreme Court has not excluded prayer from public life, it’s just excluded prayer from being reduced to a divisive, exclusionary government-run ritual.”

The Saskatoon Prayer Breakfast also featured music by Brian Doerksen and The Shiyr Poets.

Those in attendance at this year’s event included the mayors of Saskatoon and Warman, several city councillors, members of the Legislative Assembly, members of Parliament, as well as representatives from Saskatoon City Police and Fire Department, and representatives of many Christian denominations.

The ecumenical gathering included prayers for those in government and public service. Proceeds are donated to charity.

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