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Time Out for Moms continues in Saskatoon

By Erin Hickey


SASKATOON — Time Out for Moms, a Catholic enrichment program for mothers, began its 18th year of ministry this year.

Time Out for Moms meets at Holy Family Cathedral in Saskatoon on Wednesday mornings to offer moms of all ages and stages the opportunity to grow in their faith in God and understanding of Catholic teaching. It also offers women support in their family life and a chance to meet other moms from the Catholic community.

The program includes prayer, speakers, discussion, and socializing. If mothers so choose, childcare is provided by volunteers, allowing one of the biggest treats for busy moms: breakfast and an uninterrupted cup of coffee.

Some of the topics covered this year have been post-partum depression, prayer journaling, physiotherapy, sacred music, and a question and answer period with Rev. Colin Roy.

For the past 17 years, women have been drawn to the program, finding support, friendship and enrichment.

Shawna Kuntz, graphic designer and mother of four children, has been attending for 12 years. “The speakers are very honest and thought provoking, and there’s always time for great discussion. There are wonderful ladies who look after and love my kids, and who have literally watched them grow up. But for me the most important reason I keep coming back is the fellowship,” said Kuntz.

Carmen Kolla, who had her first child this year, appreciates the warm and inviting community she encounters at Time Out for Moms. “I was a little nervous my first time going, as I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was very welcoming. I could see a strong faith-centred community and was grateful to have the chance to be a part of it,” she said.

“I really enjoy being around other moms who not only know what it is like to be a new mom, but who are there to help each other grow stronger in their faith. The talks have been inspirational and helpful. I enjoy getting out of the house and I look forward to coming every week.”

There were 65 other women registered in the program this year who see the benefit of a ministry of this kind.

For more information about the next Time Out For Moms season, or about volunteering as a caregiver, contact

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