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Sisters of Social Service no longer in Saskatchewan

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — They came in 1923 to Stockholm, Sask., and have served in various capacities in the Regina archdiocese since, but with the death of Sister Anastasia Young, the Saskatchewan presence of the Sisters of Social Service is over. They are in the process of divesting their property in Regina, a house and all its contents.

“It’s a sadness yet a joy,” said director general Sister Jeanine Scarfone, speaking with the PM during a June 19 yard sale. “It’s sad because we are leaving but a joy because we have made our presence felt.”
She referred to the number of people who have come to help the sisters sell off everything. “The joy that I have is in the number of people we have touched who have come to help us divest of our things here.”

She was joined by Sisters Elaine Arsenault and Kathleen Kelly who came from Ontario to help out. “We’ve sold almost everything,” said Arsenault. “I’m lucky to have a bed to sleep in.”

All three sisters were involved in the yard/garage sale along with dozens of volunteers who came over the four-day sale in June. The sale was in two locations; the yard and garage and the garage of St. Peter’s Church across the street

Kelly will remain in Regina until the end of June which by that time they expect the house to be sold. Both Kelly and Arsenault said it was sad that the Sisters of Social Service will no longer have a presence here but Arsenault, who was the last director of the John Paul II Centre before it was sold, said she will return to visit. “I have a lot of friends here now.”

The house is a 2,500 square foot home with five bedrooms, and a garage. The community purchased the house in 1985. It is directly across the street from St. Peter’s Church, St. Peter’s Elementary School and O’Neil Catholic High School.

“We’re not giving it away,” said Scarfone, “but we expect a fair price for it.”

Scarfone said it is time to move forward and for the people with whom they have been in touch with over the years to continue the work the Sisters of Social Service have done in the archdiocese.

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