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Archdiocesan staff changes underway

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — The Regina archdiocese is undergoing a small reorganization in the wake of retirements of long-serving employees and two who left to accept other positions.

Adult Faith co-ordinator Bonnie Thiele Hunt, secretary Jo-Ann Selinger and accountant MaryAnn Jardine have all retired; director of Development Christina Attard left to accept a position as executive director of the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation, and Pasqua Hospital chaplain Lorraine Fahlman returned to her previous employment with the Harvest Community, which provides employment and recreational opportunities for intellectually challenged adults. All five were feted at a June 24 luncheon hosted by the archdiocese.

Vicar-general Rev. Lorne Crozon thanked the departing employees for their years of service. “We very much appreciate the years of dedication and service you have provided for the archdiocese and its people,” said Crozon, “and we wish you all the best as you begin a new stage in your life.”

Selinger provided secretarial services for 31.5 years and is the longest-serving employee retiring. She was hired “three archbishops ago” and has served at the chancery office, the John Paul II Centre as well as on a variety of committees and programs over the years.

“What’s going through my mind is all the people I have known and been in contact with throughout the archdiocese,” she said, talking with the PM. She worked with the Lay Ministry Program, the Growing and Sharing Financial Appeal and helped set up the JP II Centre.

“I remember that day very well. We just took our supplies, our paper and pens, took them in the car and drove to JP II.” They arrived when the building was still undergoing renovations to accommodate its new role as an archdiocesan education centre.

She has been thinking about retirement for several years and leaves with mixed feelings. “I’ve always asked for God’s direction through my life.” Selinger said that in some way she feels the decision to finally retire was not hers but God’s. “Things just kind of fell in place and I almost feel that it is his will in my life.”

She accepts that retirement is not the end but that there are other things in life, “so I will go where he leads me.”

Director of Pastoral Services Bob Kowalchuk said the changes create an opportunity for some reorganization which he expects to complete over the summer.

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