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Compassionate Healers Mass celebrated

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Regina Archbishop Daniel Bohan doesn’t differentiate between the sick and the healthy whenever he is called to administer the sacrament of the sick to a group. “I used to emphasize that the sacrament is for the sick, whose sickness is interfering with their lives,” said the archbishop in his homily at the Sept. 9 annual compassionate healers mass held at Holy Child Church. “I don’t do that anymore because I found that the healthy would come forward too. It is evident how much we all seek healing in our lives.”

The archbishop continued that sickness and death are part of everyone’s life, but God gives us hope. “In our ministry we bring the same message. Life without God gives us what sickness gives us,” said Bohan. He lamented that some young people have been seduced by modern secular society and believe that life on earth is heaven. He talked about the beauty of the earth, but it is not heaven, he said. Heaven is what is waiting for us at the end of life. “As we visit the sick and give them comfort, we are showing them the kingdom of God.”

The mass began with Sister Alvina Charlebois carrying the pyx in the opening procession and Maureen Wild carrying a small vessel of the oil of the sick. The two were chosen because of their long voluntary ministry at the Wascana rehabilitation hospital. Immediately following the homily the congregation lit small tapers, which they held as they took part in the rite of commissioning, renewing their commitment to whatever ministry they served in ministering to the sick.

The Compassionate Healers Mass is an annual event sponsored by the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan (CHAS). It is held annually in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Past CHAS president Bonnie Thiele Hunt brought greetings on behalf of CHAS, thanked everyone for coming and invited all to take part in the reception that followed the service.

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