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Recognizing Everyday Miracles
Cracks in the Sidewalk by Tony Magliano. Eastern Christian Publications (Fairfax, Va., 2015). 28 pp., $9.95. Reviewed by Loretta Nemeth.

Tony Magliano, best known as an internationally syndicated social justice and peace columnist, enters the children’s book genre with Cracks in the Sidewalk. In it, Magliano stays true to his vocation by instilling the seeds of social justice, “sharing, fairness and love for life,” into the minds and hearts of young readers, inviting them to “deepen their awareness of the many wonders that surround them.”

Magliano says the book will “help young children better appreciate the goodness of God, who showers us with wonderful blessings everyday!” The book leads the child from recognizing the work of God in nature to recognizing it in the caring people in the child’s life. A great gift book, when shared between adult and child, Cracks in the Sidewalk can be a reminder to the adult to stop and see God’s everyday miracles around us, too.

The delightful childlike crayon illustrations by Lynn Armstrong give young readers a sense of familiarity and comfort.

The book can be ordered under the New tab, or the Children category, of the online catalog of Eastern Christian Publications,; (703) 691-8862 for US $9.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Nemeth is director of communications for the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma, OH, and editor of Horizons, the eparchy’s newspaper.