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Cadham appreciated

The Editor: The news of the death of Joan Eyolfson Cadham made me sad as I enjoyed her column very much. She wrote in a simple manner that touched the heart and uplifted the spirit.

May she rest in peace with God whom she loved and served. A longtime fan of hers. — Naden Hewko, Macklin, Sask. 

Don’t forget the other side of Trudeau as prime minister

The Editor: What jubilation is in the air with the election of Justin Trudeau as prime minister!

Paul H. LeMay (PM, Nov. 4) more or less refers to him as a god-send.

Does he forget that when Justin Trudeau was elected Liberal party leader, he proclaimed that anyone who does not support abortion-on-demand need not apply to be a Liberal candidate? Also, at one point, he claimed to be a devout Catholic. It is also public knowledge that he is a proponent of euthanasia and has promised to let everyone get high on marijuana.

And what did we get under the tenure of his father, Pierre? We got abortion-on-demand legalized, a new Constitution which guaranteed everyone “rights” without any corresponding responsibilities, and a Supreme Court of Canada that was set on a course to judicial activism.

If ever there was a time for the Canadian bishops to publicly excommunicate someone, the time is now. — Ben Lewans, Shaunavon, Sask.