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Privatizing liquor stores may sell the province short

The Editor: I’ve recently learned that Brad Wall’s Conservative government is in the process of privatizing this province’s liquor stores. Considering the fact that the loss of the profits from these stores would affect everyone in our province, this action strikes me as being politically and extraordinarily shortsighted.

Some years ago, while making a purchase in the liquor store in a small town a friend of mine and I asked the person in charge about the total amount of liquor sold annually in that particular store located in a large rural area. His answer was “about a million dollars.”

When the province no longer has access to the profits from these stores, the people of Saskatchewan will still have to bear the social costs of the improper use of liquor, e.g., accidents caused by drunk driving, splitting of families while one of the partners has taken on excessive use of alcohol, and the increased cost to our health care programs, etc.

The above is not meant to oppose private business operations. But if privatization is so beneficial, why don’t we privatize all governmental departments? — Leo Kurtenbach, Saskatoon

Disrespect shown for handicapped driver

The Editor: Recently many drivers were hurrying to find a spot to park while attending a religious service. 

A temporarily handicapped driver was easing into the last space available near the church. Just then, a rushing vehicle darted in front of the handicapped driver and “sneaked” into the only space available. 

What did the example of selfishness teach the handicapped driver and what does it teach us? Needless to say, the handicapped driver had to park farther away on more rough terrain. 

If you were that aggressive driver, what impression did you leave with the other driver? If that is the Christian way, who wants it?  Let’s hope that the driver who got into the church first felt a little “guilty” of un-neighbourliness at the Lord have Mercy. — Margaret Angelstad, Humboldt, Sask.