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Comparison the thief of joy: Yasinski

By Janice Trudel


ALBERTVILLE, Sask. — Ken Yazinski gave simple and practical messages, challenging those who gathered at St. James Parish in Albertville Nov. 16 - 18 to realize their full potential in life.

Known as founder of Face to Face Ministries, which began in Saskatchewan, Yasinski is also a musician, and author of the book The Fullness of Purpose. Since a dramatic conversion at a young age, his passion has been to lead others to Christ.

“Experiences in life are useless unless decisions have been made,” he said. “Many of us have experienced God on a personal level. More often than not, we go home without making conscious efforts to change, and if our commitments aren’t conscious, they aren’t concrete.

“When things are used in contradiction to their design, they break,” he continued. “What did God create us for? When we are working in accordance with our design, we will recognize the fruits, such as peace and joy. When we do not recognize our giftedness and instead look to our neighbour and start to compare ourselves, we are not realizing our purpose. Comparison is the thief of all joy.”

During the presentation the second evening, Ken explained that a person feels the weight of sins until they are forgiven.

“A parent who loves their child regardless of the things they have done would never turn their back on their child,” Ken said. “What parent wouldn’t say to their child, ‘I do not care what you have done, my son; I love you, please come home’? Have we ever considered that our heavenly Father will show us more mercy than any earthly parent is capable of? Would God not desire us to come home?”

The evenings were filled with laughter, ending with the sacrament of reconciliation.

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