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Archbishop’s funeral held January 22

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — “He was Paul and I was Timothy,” said Saskatoon Bishop Donald Bolen referring to the late Daniel Bohan, Archbishop of Regina who died Jan. 15. Bolen was the homilist in the Jan. 22 funeral mass for Bohan. He recalled how there was often confusion between his name and that of Archbishop Bohan’s name because they were so similar, so the two decided to take up different saint’s names when in conversation with each other.

Bolen’s homily focused on Bohan’s faith and how it sustained him in good times and in bad. “Archbishop Dan has given us a cue as to how we are to celebrate this morning’s funeral by the way in which he lived and the way in which he prepared to die,” said Bolen (see complete homily). Bolen and Prince Albert Bishop Albert Thévenot concelebrated the mass with the clergy of the Regina archdiocese.

Bolen served as vicar-general for the Regina archdiocese for a brief period prior to his ordination to the episcopate and his appointment as Bishop of Saskatoon.

The funeral mass was held at Holy Rosary Cathedral with about 1,000 in the cathedral and more in an overflow area in the church’s auditorium. Eight bishops/archbishops and more than 60 priests attended from across Canada. Bohan’s ecumenical activities were obvious in the attendance of Buddhist Monks and representatives of the Hindu, Sikh, Anglican and Coptic Christian representatives in the congregation. Provincial, federal and military representatives were also obvious as well as representatives from the Regina Multi Faith forum, Lutheran and Evangelical churches.

A sister, brother, sister-in law and nephew of the archbishop represented the family. Bohan has five siblings; three brothers and two sisters. His mother and the remaining members of the family will attend another celebration of Bohan’s life which was scheduled for Jan. 26 in his home city of Moncton, New Brunswick.

The Office for the Dead, celebrated by Rev. Lorne Crozon and held the evening of Jan. 21, was also well attended. Dr. Margie Clow Bohan, the archbishop’s sister-in-law, gave a brief eulogy and words of remembrance at the end of the service. “Danny (as he was called by the family) was a good son, brother, uncle, brother-in-law,” she said. She referred to his devotion to the family despite the geographic distance between them. He visited as often as he could and interspersed visits with phone calls home. “He loved the Maritimes.”

Crozon, the previous archdiocesan vicar-general, was elected administrator by the Archdiocesan Consultors to serve the archdiocese until such time as a new archbishop is appointed by Pope Francis.

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