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Tone of article on refugees raises some concerns

The Editor: I am writing in response to Yvonne Zarowny’s article on refugees in the Jan. 13 PM.  

Although I usually welcome the diversity of perspectives in your paper — rare in the church today — I strongly object to some of what Zarowny wrote in her article. It is not that I disagree with more progressive policies, which are sorely lacking in the church, but the tone of the article.
As a Benedictine, you are well steeped in the Rule of Benedict which features the word “listen.” If Zarowny is informed by the situation facing Christians in Iraq and Syria today, and if she has allowed herself to truly empathize with the lived experience of her parish priest, I wonder why she is unable to set aside her own prejudices to listen to him on this issue.

I am all for an increased role for women and the laity but this man has lived the experience and surely we can support him to try to help his own people in a human way.  

It was wrong of you to publish an article with a personal attack. — Maureen Cambrey, Victoria