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Annual appeal highest since 2000

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — It is the largest amount ever collected by the Regina Archdiocese Annual Appeal since its inception in 2000: $1,335,026 when the books closed at the end of February on the 2015 annual appeal.

“Christina Attard (former development director who left in May 2015) laid the groundwork for the campaign,” said archdiocesan Donor Services co-ordinator Denise Walsh. “We had an exciting kick-off in September. The video received many positive viewings and the ministry staff explained to their parishes, when in contact with them, that the appeal supports their ministry,” said Walsh, explaining the campaign’s success. She also credited Diana Demaria who, as one of her duties in the chancery office, is support staff for the annual appeal for her work in updating parish information.

The campaign goal has been set at $1.4 million for the past several years and this is the closest to the goal it has come since the campaign began in 2000.

Walsh noted the campaign realized increases in almost all categories: of the 136 parishes who who had targets had campaign goals, 134 responded, which was an increase from previous years, and the number of parishes that exceeded their goal was also higher.

Parishes that exceed their goal are allowed to keep 80 per cent of the overage. Approximately $70,000 will be returned to the 33 who exceeded their goal.

“The number of donors increased from last year; we had online giving on the website (again attributed to Attard) and we saw a huge increase in that because we put it as one of the options on the gift card, and some people who gave in previous years increased their donation,” said Walsh.

The appeal supports 21 archdiocesan ministries and eight third-party organizations (called partners). A committee decides how much each ministry and each partner is to receive and this is usually established by the time the campaign is actually launched. The annual appeal begins in January and ends in December of each year, but the official kick-off occurs in September and the books close at the end of February the following year. Thus the campaign actually runs for about six months.

Health care, which supports chaplains in hospitals and care homes, receives the highest amount at $148,000, followed by support for priests and parishes at $128,000; the Permanent Diaconate program receives $111,000 and the Youth Program receives $106,000, rounding out the top four ministries. Ecumenism receives $1,475, the lowest amount, but much of that ministry is delivered by individuals working in other ministries.

The above are listed in the campaign brochure, but the campaign also receives requests from non-listed organizations for special projects and supports them when it has the funds. Last year several such requests were supported with $60,000 in grants.The 2015 campaign is not really running once the new year starts, as that would suggest people could still contibute to the 1025 campaigm, when they can’t. They are just finishing up the books that close on Dec. 15, 2015.

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