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Art and environment workshop held

By Judy Gatin


SASKATOON — The Diocesan Commission for Liturgy in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon sponsored a workshop Jan. 30 at Holy Family Cathedral in Saskatoon. The topic for the day was Creating Vibrant Liturgy through Art and Environment and featured presentations by Rosa Gebhardt.

Gebhardt is a fabric artist who has been involved in Art and Environment ministry for many decades in several parishes. She was part of the design committee for the Cathedral of the Holy Family and currently leads a team of volunteers there.

The workshop began with a presentation about the basic principles of liturgical art and environment ministry. Quoting from the document, Environment and Art in Catholic Worship, Gebhardt explained that “liturgy flourishes in a climate of hospitality. A simple and attractive beauty in everything that is used or done in liturgy is the most effective invitation to this kind of experience. One should be able to sense something special in everything that is seen and heard, touched and smelled and tasted in liturgy.”

She explained the four basic principles for art and environment in liturgical spaces: noble simplicity and beauty, quality and appropriateness, authenticity, and use of the whole space.

Throughout the day, Gebhardt expanded on these principles and gave more detailed information on how to enhance each of the liturgical seasons of the year.

Photographs provided ideas and examples for decorating in parishes. Several examples of hangings that Gebhardt and her team of seamstresses have created were also on display.

This workshop was videotaped and will be available for viewing on the Saskatoon diocesan website.

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