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Knights re-focus on parishes

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — ”Our Supreme Council has re-looked at it; are we doing as much as we can to be involved in our parishes, to be as supportive of the ministry of our clergy,” said Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus (K of C) State Secretary Brian Schatz in a March 15 interview with the PM. He and Guy Precourt, membership and program consultant for the Supreme Council, presented this re-focus to priests, knights and guests who met at Holy Child Church the afternoon of March 15.

The idea of the special presentation came from Holy Child pastor Rev. Danilo Rafael, who heard Precourt at a priest gathering in February and was so impressed he felt it should be heard by more priests.

It began with a 25-minute video of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson delivering a speech at a K of C mid-term meeting in San Antonio late in 2015. He described the new initiative as a re-focus on traditional activities for the Knights.

“The Knights were founded on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism, but our unwritten mode of operation really is to be in solidarity with our priests,” said Schatz. “Are we doing as much as we can to be involved in our parishes, to be supportive of the ministry of our clergy? As we looked at it, there were a number of things that maybe were not in align with what is happening in the parishes.”

Some of the youth programs were separate from the parish, said Schatz, and some K of C councils throughout the order are separate from the parishes.

He referred to Boy Scout and other youth programs that were not part of the parish. He emphasized that family activities, too, were apart, but the re-focus is to bring them more in align with the parishes. He noted that all Saskatchewan K of C councils are parish-based, and that K of C councils have partnered with the Regina archdiocese in several youth gatherings.

Precourt, also speaking with the PM, echoed much of what Schatz said. “This is really getting our brothers and our families to sort of come home and make the parish the centre of all activity, and that’s really the direction our Supreme Knight is showing.”

In the 132 years since its formation, it’s time to re-focus to bring young people back to church, said Precourt. Many parish priests are knights, said Precourt, and getting on and are tired. “Maybe it’s time we contact more brother knights and help our parish priests and our parishioners as a whole.”

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