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Charismatic conference held in Prince Albert

By Sylvia Dion


PRINCE ALBERT — On March 5, approximately 150 people attended the annual Diocesan Charismatic Renewal Conference held at St Michael’s Parish in Prince Albert.

Music ministry by St. Therese College in Bruno began the day. Two young students of the college, Anais Perrault and Kallyn Anderson, shared their testimonials. This was followed by adoration, reconciliation and prayer.

Gary Francis, a speaker from Meota, Sask., shared the progressive deepening of his faith in the charismatic movement, despite recurring personal turmoil.

The first afternoon speaker, Rev. Millan Sajonas, pastor of Arborfield, Carrot River and Zenon Park parishes, spoke on how people are called by the Spirit to be merciful, highlighting concepts and practices of mercy in Old and New Testament passages. He widened the understanding of mercy, bringing it close to everyday life. He challenged those gathered that, when confronted with a decision, always select the most charitable, gentle and loving option. He explained the many facets of mercy which extend far beyond forgiveness.

Pauline Poulin gave a presentation on prayer ministry. She invited everyone to experience praying over someone and to be prayed over in an unthreatening atmosphere.

Jim Anderson spoke on becoming mercy and how to apply what we learn from the parable of the Good Samaritan to our lives, becoming mercy to others. He focused on humility which he said is essential in receiving and offering mercy, so that we can bear fruit. Anderson explained the concept of Misericordia as our misery attracts the love of God and his grace.

The day ended with the eucharist, celebrated by Rev. Maurice Fiolleau, vicar-general of the Diocese of Prince Albert.

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