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Regina CWL holds 93rd annual convention

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Just one resolution was presented at this year’s annual Archdiocese CWL convention held April 17 - 18 at Holy Child Parish; it called for a standard for print on over-the-counter medication containers. Carol Deters, chair of the CWL’s Standing Committee on Education and Health, introduced the resolution.

“People have trouble reading the ingredients because the print is so small.” As well, she said, sometimes it is placed in a location that makes it harder to read.

The resolution will eventually make its way to the national convention. Deters also suggested in her report that medical schools have to be taught about palliative care.

Winnipeg Archbishop Emeritus James Weisgerber delivered three talks on the Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. He also spoke about the pope’s latest writing, Amore Laetitia, the Joy of Love, as “a wonderfully positive message.” Jesus is the mercy of God, said Weisgerber, “he shows us how to be human,” and he described how Jesus was human in every way, even to the point of perhaps being disciplined by his mother.

Council president Lynn Rogers in her annual report said member councils of the Regina Archdiocese Catholic Women’s League had a good year of service to their churches and communities, but one of the challenges is recruitment of members to serve in leadership roles.

“Leaders are the same for many years and that causes burn-out or lack of new ideas.” She urged members to increase recruitment efforts, especially among young women. The 2015 report lists 74 councils with 3,277 members. Fourteen councils achieved total membership increases of 67 new members. St. Gerard Council, in Yorkton added 16 new members and Resurrection Council in Regina was close behind with 14 new members. The remaining 12 councils added 47 members.

National CWL president Barb Dowding said the CWL national theme of One Heart, One Voice, One Mission is to “build a community among communities where we are. We are called to be a presence in our church and in our world.”

About $1,500 collected at the opening mass was donated to two organizations: Visitation House in Regina and the Archdiocese Refugee Fund. Theresa Hilbig, executive director of Visitation House, accepted the donation and described some of the Visitation House activities and services it provides for women. Agnes Parisloff, chair of the Archdiocesan Iraqi Refugee Sponsorship Committee, accepted the second donation and spoke briefly about the two Iraqi Christian families the committee has sponsored. The first arrived several years ago and now owns its own home, and the second arrived October 2015 and its members are in various stages of settling in.

This is the second year in a two-year term for the executive, so there were no changes in the executive ranks.

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