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Pro-life group protests Bill C:14

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — About 20 supporters of Regina Pro-Life showed up at MP Ralph Goodale’s office to protest Bill C-14, the federal government’s attempt to conform to a Supreme Court Ruling on Assisted Suicide. The protest and presentation to Goodale’s aid in the office (Goodale was with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Saskatoon) was part of a nationwide demonstration against the bill held on April 27.

Terri Bergen, president of Regina Pro-Life, read a statement outlining what are seen as flaws in the bill but first stating Regina Pro Life’s opposition to the entire concept. “We are opposed to giving legal power to another individual person to cause another person’s death. Death is irrevocable.” Euthanasia is an act of homicide and assisted suicide assists another person to commit suicide, she continued.

Bergen also noted that C-14 also allows nurse practitioners to approve euthanasia and assisted suicide where other jurisdictions require a doctor’s approval. The person doesn’t have to be terminally ill and there is no oversight of the law. It allows a medical or nurse practitioner to approve the action, carry it out and report it.

“It’s a self-reporting system that protects those who do the act. But there is no conscience protection for health care professionals.”

Goodale’s aid said he would pass the information on to the MP.

The legislation is supposed to be in place according to a June 6 deadline imposed by the Supreme Court.

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