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PM very helpful

The Editor: Thanks so much for producing this fine weekly. When I was thinking about entering the Catholic Church, the Prairie Messenger was a great help in understanding what I was joining. Since then it has helped me to understand what is going on in the church beyond my parish.

Though you publish a variety of opinions, I think the PM tends to hew to the centre, which is usually where I find myself. All the best as you continue this important ministry. — Don Schroeder, Winnipeg



Berrigan leaves a magnificent witness to the Gospel

The Editor: Rev. Daniel Berrigan, SJ, has left the church and the world a magnificent witness to the Gospel. He exemplified for me an enormous capacity to allow himself to become fully spent — down to the last penny and beyond — with the excruciatingly painful implications of what the Gospel imperative meant for him personally, the church and the wider world.

He was a man, poet, scholar, activist and chaplain at large to those matters and issues which for him were intimately associated with God’s passionate concern for peace and justice in the world. Always dedicated to the ongoing study of Scripture with others in concert with the implications of same for what action(s) were required, he quietly and not so quietly moved toward the full stature of his life as an old man fulfilled with the biblical promise of hope for a better world for all.

The breadth of his zeal which took him from acts of civil disobedience, imprisonment, to ministry with AIDS patients and others offers to us the example of a man rooted not in any particular role but rather grounded in a deep vision that called for varied responses and actions. For those of us eager to pay attention, he awakened within us the stirrings of our own conscience, hope and calling.

May he rest in peace and live in glory. — Kevin Jozef Krofchek, Regina