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Concert promotes vocations in Prince Albert

By Paula Fournier


PRINCE ALBERT — The hope for the Catholic Idol concert held April 16 at St. Mark Parish in Prince Albert was to inspire young people toward a discussion on religious vocation, said director of vocations Rev. Jim Kaptein.

“A vocation, then, is our response to God’s call. Living our vocation is how we manifest God’s love to the world.”

He added that as the concert was such a success, the Vocations Commission may be looking at creating an annual event.

Commission member Janice Trudel said the idea of putting on a Catholic Idol came about as their group brainstormed ideas to get people to begin talking about vocations.

Following the format of the popular show, American Idol, three judges were chosen: Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr., Kaptein and a layperson from Prince Albert. Their roles were not to choose a winner or judge the event as a contest, but to converse with the musicians before and after each performance, focusing on some aspect of vocations and how it affected their lives.

Performers came from various parts of Saskatchewan. Danielle Weiler from Meota said she hears many grumblings about the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control and family planning, and the burden it can be. While reflecting on those views, her song “Beautiful Burden” was born.

“I view my family as an amazing blessing and I am very thankful for them. There are many times that family life, especially raising children, can feel like a burden. I wanted to express that it is in these moments that we have the opportunity to grow in love. I view vocations as a huge part of our path to heaven, how we can each best learn to give of ourselves and love others.”

Claire and Charles Schira from Spiritwood were special country music guests. Claire has received numerous awards from the Country Gospel Music Association, and recorded two Gospel albums.

“The Holy Spirit was definitely part of the event,” said Kaptein. “There was a smooth flow and a great spirit of joy, sharing and fellowship. People loved it. There were twice as many people as we expected.”

He voiced his thanks to all the performers who travelled to share their gifts and to those who worked behind the scenes, as well as those who came to support the effort

The Diocese of Prince Albert Vocations Commission is a group of priests, religious sisters and laypeople who meet regularly to discuss and create new ideas to promote vocations. Those feeling called to a vocation can contact Kaptein at 306-764-4367 or Sister Rose-Marie Sanche, PM, at 306-764-3445.

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