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Catholics shirk their responsibility for First Nations peopley

The Editor: As a result of the attention that the Truth and Reconciliation process created, I have read large amounts of literature about the residential school disaster and our mistreatment of First Nations people generally for the last 150 years. Just reading about the mindset of the assimilation policy makers and the various organizations who obviously agreed as they set about implementing such a hateful concept is enough to cause one to become suicidal, let alone having to actually experience it.

When I read the article in the May 11 edition of your paper titled “Strong leadership needed to repair damaged relations” I was shocked but not surprised. We Catholics have comfortably internalized the mission to “kill” the Indian’s culture and identity knowing full well that we had been taught in catechism and at mass that we should love our neighbour.

I guess that idea applied only to neighbours that were just like us. When asked to at least make a small amount of financial restitution, let alone psychological restitution, we once again shirked our responsibility and moral obligation to do so. Instead we affluent Catholics are much more comfortable with more lip service that we will work hard to improve the reconciliation process.

After all the $24 million of restitution that was court-ordered is a paltry $2.40 per person which is just too burdensome. Jesus would be so proud. — Ken Eshpeter, Daysland, Alta.