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‘Theology of women’ is too restrictive a concept

The Editor:  I would like to respond to David Gibson’s article “Opening on women deacons can change Catholicism” (May 25 PM).

I applaud Pope Francis’ openness to further explore the role of women in church leadership. This is much overdue. However, I do get concerned when this exploration needs to be prefaced with a look at the “theology of women.”

That seems quite strange to me. Is not the theology of women the same as that of their male counterparts? Should we not, rather, be deepening our understanding of the theology of the human person? For, in God, there is “neither male nor female,” as our lectionary has recently reminded us.

I agree that women and men may express their spirituality differently — and this merits careful study — but I fear that a focus on a “theology of women” may only serve to further highlight the artificial distinctions that exist between men and women and continue to overstate the idea of complementarity, thereby justifying the continued exclusion of women from ordained ministry.

Some women are called to ordained ministry. The Catholic Church needs to celebrate this if it is to remain a credible witness of God’s love to all of humanity.  — Gertrude Rompré, Saskatoon