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Couple not happy with artificial birth control advice

The Editor: In the article “Anglicans and Catholics hammer out difficulties” (May 25 PM) I was saddened to read about the opposition of Catholics to church teaching and overall acceptance of artificial contraception, with such a small percentage embracing natural family planning (NFP).

My husband and I began our marriage in 1972 without any knowledge of NFP and quickly sought the advice of the medical community for contraception which was seen as such a gift to women at the time. It never entered our minds to include God in decisions about having a family.

We soon learned that artificial birth control methods did little to build relationship or make us a happy couple. By chance, a nurse in Prince Edward Island mentioned NFP to me after the delivery of our third child because I mentioned to her my frustration with birth control. What a difference.

We were given a healthy way to live the sexual part of our relationship. NFP necessitated communication and shared responsibility and, most important, a respect for God’s gift of fertile and non-fertile times in every woman’s cycle.

I find it strange that today with all the emphasis on green living, people do not embrace natural family planning, but choose rather to add to the pollution of our bodies and our earth with artificial hormones. — Shirley MacKinnon, Oak Bluff, Man.