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St. Boniface CWL celebrates Year of Mercy

By Faith Anderson


ST. BONIFACE — The 67th Annual Convention of St. Boniface Diocesan Council of the CWL was held April 30 at St. Alphonsus Church.

Archbishop Albert LeGatt in his opening remarks thanked the members of CWL parish councils in St. Boniface for all that they bring to their parishes, families and communities through their service and witness of love.

LeGatt said, “We are in this year the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Pope Francis has invited us to reflect on, in a deeper way, the incredible mercy of God who sends his Son to raise us out of our sinfulness and our darkness to love and eternal life, and we are invited to turn toward those who are suffering, in darkness, alone, oppressed in any way, and to shine the light of Christ’s love on them. In so many of your projects and activities, that is exactly what you do.”

He stated, “In Canada we are at the moment debating what mercy looks like for the dying, for those approaching death and for their families. For us our main concern should always be to pray for respect for life; also to pray for ways that the mercy of God is shown in palliative care in hospice establishments and very much in our homes among our families. What will bring a conversion of heart, what will bring a greater sense of the power of God’s mercy and how that mercy can be lived out by ourselves?”

In their oral reports many parish councils indicated they had taken action on physician-assisted death and euthanasia issues by sending postcards. In the afternoon the keynote speaker was Deacon Doug Cross from St. Bernadette’s Parish who spoke on the Year of Mercy, reflecting on how we see Jesus in others, especially the marginalized.

One resolution was adopted calling for an updated Canada Food Guide (CFG), which has not been reviewed and revised in nine years. The resolution focused on reviewing the CFG every five years, removal of fruit juice as an option to fresh fruit and regulating free sugar intake and stronger warning on processed foods that are high in sodium and trans fats.

This was election year, with Mavis McLaren elected president of the diocesan council for the next two years.

The archbishop presided at the eucharistic celebration. At the closing banquet, parish councils were presented with certificates for increase in membership and council anniversaries. Life Membership was presented to Rolande Chernichan for her ongoing work for the league in service to God and Canada.

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