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Foundation raises 4.7M in support of St. Paul’s Hospital

By Sandhya Padmanabh


SASKATOON — Through the generosity and commitment of donors along with effective stewardship of investments, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation has raised $4,723,268 in support of urgently needed medical equipment, capital improvements, patient comfort care items, staff professional development, and the Healing Arts Program at St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH).

“We would like to thank the community groups, organizations, individuals and volunteers who give so generously to support the needs of our hospital,” said foundation chair John Agioritis. “It is only through your support that we are able to continue providing vital resources to improve the health and care in our community and to the people of this province.”

Details of the allocations were presented at St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation annual general meeting April 19.

Over $2.7 million was allocated to technological advancements in SPH operating rooms. Other highlights included the purchase and installation of state-of-the-art equipment for enhanced diagnosis and treatment, including an Advanced Imaging and Biopsy Ultrasound and DI Microwave Thermal Ablation device, as well as the acquisition of a new SPECT-CT which will be installed in the hospital this year.

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation has allocated more than $56 million to the hospital since the foundation was formed in 1982.

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