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Bush Dweller James Gray OSB

Vol. 94 No. 9 July 27, 2016

Saskatoon Bishop Donald Bolen blesses the fields July 17 at the annual Mount Carmel pilgrimage at Carmel, Sask. More than 400 people attended the annual event, which enjoyed beautiful weather. (P. Paproski, OSB, photo)

This Week

Summer holidays

With this issue the Prairie Messenger’s summer holiday break begins. The PM office will be closed until August 19. Our weekly publishing schedule will resume with the August 24, 2016, issue.

Caring for caregivers

By 2030 a quarter of Canadians will be over the age of 65, writes Michael Swan, and an aging population requires care. “Caregiving — how we do it, how we support it, how we value and celebrate it — defines the kind of society Canada is and will be.”

Lucky struggle

Every year seasonal foreign workers from Mexico, Jamaica and other Caribbean nations apply for coveted temporary jobs on Canadian farms. Will Braun writes of the struggle these workers face.


In Exile

By Ron Rolheiser, OMI

God doesn't get angry

Liturgy and Life

By Lorette Noble

The 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 7, 2016

Questioning Faith

By Mary Marrocco

Living the questions


Arts and Culture