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(Shirley Case photo)


Shades of Green

I wake to gently waving
spring-green maple leaves.
Windows frame lush lawn
edged by feathery ferns,
dark-leaved delphinium,
grouping of variegated hostas,
stiff iris, delicate columbine.

Across the road,
sage-green willows bend in breeze,
silver-green poplars add contrast
to thickly-foliaged oak.
From my kitchen, I see our garden,
pale green lettuce
next to straight-backed corn.
Beyond, canola transforms drab field,
magic carpet of pure verdant green.

This warm palette of colour
brightens stolid stand of spruce,
so long the only splash of green
in stark expanse of white.
I view it all, entranced.
In more than eighty years of prairie springs,
I have not felt such soul-filling wonder . . .
God makes so many shades of green.

By Shirley Case