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Santa Maria celebrates renovation projects

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — It took 18 months and about $180,000, but Santa Maria Senior Citizen Home’s oldest section is now more modern with new furniture and new windows. The windows are not only new and venting they are lower so residents can see outside while in bed or sitting in chairs.

A reception was held in the home’s main floor entrance and gathering area Sept. 14 to celebrate the end of the project.

Santa Maria was built in 1968 by the Regina Archdiocese with sponsorship from the Knights of Columbus. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Pembroke operated the facility until 1985. They continued to live in residence and provided pastoral care until 1998. The Sisters of Our Lady of Missions moved into the residence following the departure of the Sisters of St. Joseph and continue to help with pastoral services.

Of the $180,000, $120,000 was raised with the help of the Santa Maria Foundation, with chair Jean Mahoney. The remaining $60,000 came through donations.

The foundation has begun another fundraising project with a goal of securing about $400,000 for a major renovation that will transform Santa Maria from what is now a hospital layout to more of a residence.

“It will modernize it to create a more residential feel,” said executive director John Kelly.

There are 147 beds in Santa Maria, all occupied, and there is a lengthy waiting list. The section that was renovated contains 90 beds. Besides quality care, it retains its Catholicity with a chapel that provides regular services.

Ownership was transferred to the Catholic Health Ministries of Saskatchewan (now known as Emmanuel Care) Nov. 19, 2012. It operates under the governance of a board of directors with current chair Joan Pratchler.

Santa Maria is affiliated with and receives its operating funding from the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region.

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