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Keeping Christ in Christmas is a huge, and broad, commitment

The Editor: Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and some of U.S. bishops said that only a woman’s access to abortion was to be considered by Catholics in this election cycle. In light of that, I suggest we need to ponder what “Keeping Christ in Christmas” means for how we treat God’s creation going forward.  

Too many Knights, bishops and other influential Catholics allowed themselves to be swayed by such cherry picking of our church’s teachings.  

For too long they enabled the false framing of “pro-life” to mean only “anti-choice” legislation.

Do these people not know our church teachings?  

To be “pro-life” is to promote a sustainable, continuous life-with-dignity ethic for the full continuum?   

Well-documented are the huge investments made over the last few decades into cultivating abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage and environmental devastation as emotional “wedge” to manipulate well-intentioned people. Given this, why has church leadership, both lay and ordained, not countered with our need to understand the inter-relatedness of the issues resulting in so much of God’s creation being denied life?   

These concepts did not originate with Pope Francis.  

What “church utterances” in this campaign — or ours or Brexit — called us to integrity, respect, truth-telling and the reality that what we do to the least of God’s creation we do unto ourselves and the Christ?    

For me, Trump is the tip of an iceberg indicating the presence of a huge culture of death beneath the surface.

Many Catholic leaders promoted this culture of death through a too-narrow definition of what constitutes “pro-life.”  

Like the Brexiters, the Trumpites listened to the disenchantment of millions trampled by an unsustainable mode of development benefitting few at the expense of the common good.  

They then diverted attention from this culture of death with a toxic brew of hate, anger, fear and a lot of scape-goating. 
If we “as church” are to be a beacon enabling a variety of authentic cultures of life to rise from this chaos, we need a deep birthing anew of what it means to “keep Christ in Christmas.” — Yvonne Zarowny Qualicum Beach, B.C.