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Myriam Sisters celebrate Year of Mercy

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — With words and song, Sisters of the Myriam Family of the Prairies along with about 20 other people took part in a Year of Mercy celebration Nov. 9 at Holy Rosary Cathedral.

“The Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis last year ends Nov. 20 and we thought it would be good to celebrate God’s mercy,” said Sister Melanie Guillotte, who led the celebration.

It began with Rev. Lorne Crozon, rector of the the cathedral, giving a short homily, talking about what the Year of Mercy meant and its effect on everyone. “We are called to be mindful that God’s mercy is that which surrounds us as well, that helps us to recognize the depth of God’s grace for us, the depth of God’s love for us and the constant call to share that love and the constant call to share that gift of God’s grace and goodness with those he has placed around us.”

Pope Francis opened the Holy Doors of St. Peter’s Basilica Dec. 8, 2015, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception for a jubilee year and asked churches around the world to open their holy doors of mercy. Holy Rosary Cathedral designated the doors of the main entrance as Doors of Mercy with a sign “Enter the Doors of Mercy” above the doors topped with an array of wreaths.

Catholic teaching proclaims that anyone walking through holy doors, accompanied by prayer and repentance, in a jubilee year results in a remission of sins. Participants in the Nov. 9 ceremony took part in adoration of the blessed sacrament provided by Rev. Mau Nguyen, Holy Rosary’s associate priest.

That was followed by song and prayer and the opportunity to go to confession offered by Mau and Rev. Norman Marcotte. With that done, participants walked through the Holy Doors carrying large parcels “representing their burdens,” which they left inside the church after walking through the doors, representing their relief at getting rid of their burdens.

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