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CCCB seems not as bold as Pope Francis

The Editor: Just when Pope Francis takes one step forward in the ecumenical movement, our CCCB takes one step backward by withdrawing from KAIROS.

I read Archbishop Bolen’s response to Joe Gunn’s criticism of the withdrawal in the Nov. 16 Prairie Messenger. I have to say it seems typical of the CCCB that it will never be satisfied how a living, breathing organization like KAIROS works. 

KAIROS works in real time. It would seem that the CCCB has to wait until all the stars in our galaxy are aligned before they agree to a unified position. I believe they had issues with Development and Peace as well in the past. The writing has been on the wall for sometime now. It’s sad that our Catholic bishops cannot see the greater good in these organizations.   

Hopefully, one day we will have bishops who will be brave enough to follow the lead of Pope Francis rather than languish in the throes of clericalism. — Peter Melvin, Ottawa