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People can be manipulated by political ideology, xenophobia

The Editor: The recent events in the United States reveal how political masters have used fear to manipulate people and engineer an election victory. The same techniques are being put to use in Canada, as some candidates in the Conservative leadership race use fear to try to become the leader of a national party and, perhaps, the prime minister of Canada. All people of faith and goodwill have a responsibility to fight xenophobia and exclusivity.

Church leaders need to be in the forefront of this issue to encourage and support people who see the dangers ahead and who are trying to push against tribalism and exclusivity. Living in a post-fact age, we need to be able to cut through all information disseminated and find the truth. We need to find good sources to rely on for facts and we need to learn how to present these facts, especially using social media which the masters of disinformation use very effectively.

We are all connected in this universe and what affects the least, affects all. Holding on to what we believe to be our rights and refusing to share of our wealth lest we lose it, will ensure that we do lose rights and wealth. There is enough for all. There is room for all.

There are many people of goodwill in this world. Together we can make a difference and bring peace and justice into a very troubled world. — Anthony Chezzi, Sudbury, Ont.