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Letters to the Editor


It’s time to talk so that we can have peace

The Editor: I write this on Jan. 25, the feast of St. Paul’s conversion. What brought about the radical change in this unstoppable missionary of God’s unquenchable love?

It was encounter. Meeting the risen Jesus transforms everything. From killer to one pouring out his last ounce of energy; he then meets Ananias, the Christian community and on to the world’s edge. All his letters are about relationships.

Now compare what Russia and Iran are doing to stop the Syrian conflict. All the combatants are at the table, even if they risk jumping over it to pummel the opponents! They are risking dialogue. As Pope Francis is always urging us, they are daring to meet, talk, relate.  

Recently a former member of the IRA told CBC how for years the powers refused to talk to them. They were terrorists! Finally, after decades of carnage, invited to dialogue, they were heard and the warring was soon over.

Remember that old Latin saying about our sacraments? “Ex opere operato,” just do it with faith and it happens. If we really dare to dialogue the results will be nothing short of miraculous.

So what are we waiting for? Are we encouraging the peacekeeping movement? Where is Pax Christi? What’s stopping the creation of a Ministry of Peace? Why do we cling to an undemocratic UN Security Council veto? Are the arms sellers the only ones who dialogue? — Rev. Lawrence DeMong, OSB, Muenster, Sask.