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Letters to the Editor


Euthanasia does not save health care costs

The Editor: It is frightening to hear the statement that millions of dollars will be saved with the implementation of doctor-assisted suicide or euthanasia. The ill and the elderly will feel they should die to save the country money. Many will be persuaded to choose euthanasia rather than add to health costs.

Society is losing respect for life by valuing cost saving as being better than caring for the sick and fragile until natural death. It is immoral and inhuman to say that the ill should die in order to lower health care costs. We are supposed to care for those in need, not require them to end their life prematurely.

We were given life as a gift without any input from us. We have no right to end that life. Many events in life including illness cause us pain and suffering. There are aids and medications available to help us bear the suffering and pain. The solution is not to put an end to life. We need more palliative care for those with terminal illness. It is tragic that euthanasia is being presented as a solution to saving health care dollars.

Has anyone considered that caring for the ill and elderly provides thousands of jobs? The workers contribute to the economy of our country. Declaring that euthanasia saves dollars does not make sense. Such a statement makes our society colder and harder not more compassionate. — Naden Hewko, Macklin, Sask.


Articles too negative

The Editor: After the election of Donald Trump, it is rather sad to read so many of your articles filled with hatred and disgust. 

Obviously, the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) had no input into these articles.  Your writers surely know that God often uses flawed people to carry out his agenda.  It’s up to us to use wisdom and discernment to determine what that agenda could be. — Ernie Wesolowsk, Regina