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Archbishop plans to visit all Regina parishes

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen has revealed his plan to visit and celebrate mass at all 142 archdiocesan parishes plus the missionary churches including churches on First Nations reserves in the Regina archdiocese.

Bolen explained, “It’s a desire of a bishop to get out to all the parishes. It’s begun in a very humble way in the sense that whenever there is an opportunity to be in a parish on a weekend I get out there. Some of those opportunities to this point have been for the 25th anniversary of a priest and other special celebrations, and then I just try to take in parishes in the region if I can.”

He began this odyssey shortly after his installation as archbishop of Regina, but admits it could be two years or more before he actually completes these planned visits.

In addition, he is committed to do all the confirmations this year, and there are 54 scheduled. In the past several years, this duty has been shared with local priests.

During the winter months he has visited several parishes in and around Regina, and “When the weather gets better and the roads get better, it will be time to start hitting the rural areas.”

He said this plan has been his goal since his installation. “Every weekend I have been out somewhere.” That puts a lot of kilometres on a vehicle and opens the possibility for some misadventures, but thus far the trips have been uneventful.

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