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Letters to the Editor


Conservative Party candidates have much to offer

The Editor: It has been very difficult to find any forthright or in-depth reporting regarding the Conservative party leadership race. In our local paper, there has been nothing but derision or robot-like opinion either as a followup to a debate or as a bio on the candidates.

Gruending, in his blog (PM, March 15), unfortunately, does the same. For instance, he states that many candidates are unknowns and in saying so, infers that they would have nothing to offer.

I say his article has nothing to offer, other than confirming what we hope everyone knows, that Kevin O’Leary should not be running and Andrew Scheer is a good candidate. But these candidates aren’t unknowns!

Here is a snapshot of a few candidates.

Lemieux is an engineer, MP from 2006 - 2015, served in the military for 20 years, became a business owner and then joined politics. He is completely bilingual. He even would like to see an end to sex-selective abortion.

Steven Blaney was Minister of Public Safety, Minister of Veteran Affairs, and has written numerous books. He is a brilliant man with great ideas.

Deepak Obhrai, representing Calgary since 1997, was formerly Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs. He has a wealth of information on trade.

Brad Trost has served our area since 2014. He is a social and fiscal conservative, something worth opening our minds to if we want to have a secure future both in the strength of families and jobs for everyone.

Kellie Leitch is being attacked by every reporter. I wonder what is wrong with Canadian values? Do we not think freedom of speech, freedom of association, religious freedom and the rule of law are good things?

The Conservative party is not in disarray. Just because it is not homogenous does not indicate disarray. In fact it is very healthy that so many ideas can be brought forth in one party.

There is so much to report on and consider during this leadership race. Why don’t we talk about what these candidates have to offer Canadians? — Florence Paquette, Saskatoon


A refreshing change

The Editor: How refreshing to read Mary Deutscher’s tribute to her grandmother (PM, March 15). I always look forward to Mary’s column because  she is not a “feminist” in the modern version.

I thank her for having the courage to speak out about so much of our culture which is defiant to our Catholic faith.

I always cringe when International Women’s Day comes because it is often  taken as a day to promote abortion as Justin Trudeau and Marie Claude Bibeau did on March 8. —  Rosemary Lalonde, Kel;owna, B.C.