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Critical letter 'a strong overreaction'

The Editor: I was somewhat dismayed to read the letter from L. Martin Nussbaum in the March 8 edition of the PM. It appeared to be a strong overreaction to criticism from Yvonne Zarowny in her column. 

In her column Ms. Zarowny said she disagrees with the statement by Mother Teresa that abortion is “the greatest threat to love and peace.” It is difficult to defend or refute such a statement. I believe Mother Teresa was making the point that abortion is an evil of such magnitude that it is a source of, at least, most of the world’s other evils. 

This is, I think, a reasonable statement, but is it the greatest evil of our time? Certainly there have been other times in history when it would be difficult to conclude that abortion was the greatest evil of the period. I think of the genocides in Rwanda, Ukraine and in Europe during the Second World War. 

We may disagree as to whether or not abortion is or is not the greatest evil of our present time, but I see no harm in discussing the question. I admit that Zarowny may have been a little antagonistic regarding the Knights’ stand on Laudato Si’. But, I don’t believe the Knights have a lot to say on that topic; it is not a major part of their focus. 

So, again, I see little harm in bringing the topic to light. Perhaps the Knights could look more at how rampant consumerism affects the environment. This has little to do with the fact that the Knights are very generous in giving money to so many deserving charitable causes. 

In closing, I congratulate the PM for publishing the views of Zarowny. After all, we can’t expect to be in agreement with everything we read, even in a Catholic news publication. — Dave Hudy, Melville, Sask.