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Let someone speak up

The Editor: In 2008, in his address to the CCCB, Chief Phil Fontaine said,” I don’t want to look at the hurts of the past. So much in the past was also good and healthy.”  

But today we hear that Senator Lynn Beyak has been “kicked out” from the Senate’s committee for indigenous people because she also spoke for the good that was done. Is no one going to stand up for her and for the many nuns and priests who provided the indigenous with a fine education?

Yes, not all was good but neither was all bad. When will those who valued the education they received speak up?

Lynn was right when she said the “silent majority” agree with her. But let us not always be silent when injustice is being done. Pope John Paul urged us to “Be not afraid.”  — Rosemary Lalonde, Kelowna, B.C.