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Zarowny challenges Catholics to examine our current ‘development mode’

The Editor: I recently read a lengthy letter to the Prairie Messenger from the legal counsel of the Knights of Columbus, L. Martin Nussbaum, in your March 8 edition.

In his letter of defence of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson about his role as chief spokesperson for the Knights of Columbus during the 2016 U.S. election and the local Knights in general he viciously attacked Yvonne Zarowny personally. His comments also tried to intimidate the Prairie Messenger to cease and desist in publishing her deep and probing articles.

In my reading of her column of the Jan. 25 PM:

1. She has NOT defamed any Knights of Columbus and their works at the local level.
2. Ms. Zarowny did NOT call the K of C as being a “sinister organization.”
3. She did NOT “twist the church’s teachings about life.”

What I read from Ms. Zarowny’s column was that she has challenged the Knights of Columbus as well as all of us Catholics to examine our current society’s “development mode” which truly is unsustainable morally, economically and environmentally.

I was shocked to read that this challenge has threatened the Knights of Columbus to react in this visceral and vindictive way. I was extremely disturbed that the Knights of Columbus legal counsel Mr. Nussbaum would even go the length of demanding that the PM censor any articles that they may not agree with. We then as a society are indeed in great peril.

The challenge does remain with the Knights whether they are prepared to promote the absolute need to have our current and future leaders bring forward policies that will lead to a greater fairness of equality and justice for the 99 per cent of our world’s sisters and brothers while only one per cent of our population control more than 90 per cent of the wealth of the world.

I think Mr. Nussbaum missed the point of Ms. Zarowny’s column. — Bill Uruski. Arborg, Man.